Amanda and Robert

Amanda my sister and owner of our SFI Business and Webmaster and Technician Robert aka rjpjrblue (me)



I received our most recent monthly commission check on 12/19/2015 for minimal work online. I am not allowed to show you the check picture due to rules in SFI, BUT I can tell you they do pay EVERY Month!

I have 3 Team members Active on our Team and hopefully you can add to that number by joining me in this Great Online Business that is FREE to join. A couple of my friends with SFI are doing just that, they did not pay anything till they started seeing a Residual Commission Check Every Month and now they are getting Paid Handsomely Every Month see my post on my main Blog

Even though a meer $36.25 monthly Purchase will qualify you for our second team level as an Executive Affiliate. Then you can focus your attention on bringing in new Team Members through which I will show you how to do!

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SurveySavvy Payments

I have been with SurveySavvy for 8 months and I have received 2 checks from them. I did not take a picture of those two , so the next one I get I will upload one. Those two checks that were already cashed were for $50.00 and $107.50 I am at $75.00 towards my next Check so I should be getting that fairly soon. They pay by check WorldWide in US Funds. The minimum payment is $1.00 but I like to have at least $50 in my account before I request a check.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes Payments through PayPal

Through having several referrals under me and my own winnings I cash out to Paypal every 2 months about 12 Dollars ICS is only for US. Residents right now you can win up to $50 a day. The more tickets that you have entered the better chances you will have of winning often. I sometimes win the 4 hour $2.00 Drawing or one of my referrals do and I get a matching Bonus but only for the 4 hour Drawing not the daily $50 drawing

Payment Proof from ICS

PaidViewPoint Payments Through Paypal

PaidViewPoint is the sister site to ICS while ICS only does three question Surveys PVP is a whole other story. they do several longer surveys and pay 10 cents per trait survey and upwards of $2 or more for their longer ones. I cash out every 3 or so months of at least $15.00 sometimes quicker

Payment Proof for PVP



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